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    Question Unanswered: payed yes or no have to give a record output

    In the screenshot below you see in the many to many part 2 records.
    1 = Total cost incl
    2 = Payed
    I need a new list somewhere in this same folder that has the Total cost incl BUT only the ones that have a 1 in the payed record.
    so that that list gives only the ones that are payed.
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    Hi all, im new to BD, also new to database building, so i could realy need some help.
    I am trying to create a sort of transport management system.
    I run in to some diffeculties, some allready solved by just search and try over and over.

    One i can not solve and i realy tried a lot. probally its a very easy solution.
    In my system i have a folder transports and a folder customers.
    When a customer add a new transport this is automaticly calculated for the transport price. this price is given in the transport folder.
    In my customer folder i have all info about the customer and also with many to many a list of all transports of that customer.
    Some of the records are total cost for the transport and if it is payed or not.
    What i want to create is this.
    A field where i can see the total ammount of all transports, a total of all payed transports and a total of all unpayed totals, this has to be also in the customer field of each customer same as the transport list of that customer.

    Can anybody give me the solution how to create that.
    So like, if the transport is payed, it gives that transport price in the list payed. if a transport isnt payed yet, it gives the price in the list of not payed. after that i can make a total from both lists.
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    Have looked at the Sort and Group tab of the configure appearance of the relational field.


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    Re Nill

    Hi Bill, thanks for your answer.
    I looked now there what you say, but no clue what to do there. can you help me out with more specific explanation please

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    I have a purchases database which has three category fields.


    Groceries Snacks Crackers

    I have separate file which has the date of purchase and where I purchased the items.

    It is linked to the purchases data file.

    In the sort and group tab:

    The sort is set to category one, date of purchase, and store.

    In the group, I use the group category one and when you click on summary:

    In the comment column I have Total
    In the field column I have selected Total Cost
    In the operation column I have selected sum.

    You can have up to six fields that could use.

    For example, I could add category two and category three fields.

    On the record input config option of the relational field, I filter on date or purchase and store.

    I get a screen that shows the date of purchase, store, total for that store on that date. Below, I have window that shows purchase broken down by category one and the total that was spent for each category one.

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    Maby im not awake enough or im to new for this.
    Miner, i almost understand what you mean. but..... still no clue sorry.

    I need it very basic.
    Like, what i have to do, to get a list of only payed entrees of the many to many what i can put in a seperated list.
    Explanation like step 1 step 2 step 3 would be very nice

    Sorry for being sutch a newbie

    Also the letter code string to post this is extreme difficult to get right... this will be 7th time i try to post this reply now pfff -- nr 8

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    Is there anybody that could please give a easy to understand solution .
    I tried to figure it out myself, but again no luck.
    I managed in the manytomany to seperate unpaid and payed as told here as answer to go to sort and group,
    but i cant still get a field in the form where it gives that seperated data.

    How do i get the total of the payed in a field on the form, and same for the unpayed total in another field on the form.

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    Ok, i solved the issue with the payments.
    As it seems to hard to get this solved the way i wanted, i changed the plan.
    Made a extra sheet where i get info in a manytomany field.
    This info i use for a record > total price incl tax, a record > total price incl tax.
    I made records for > total paid and open to pay and new payment.
    Also a button for confirm payment.

    The total paid gets the input from the new payment after click confirm payment button.
    The open to pay gets it from simpele forlmula with field total price incl tax - total paid.
    Problem solved.

    So this tread can be placed under: answered.

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