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    Unanswered: how to not get emty rows ?

    In my project i have a customer form. here i can add customers.
    When i click add new i can make a new customer.
    when i click this by mistake an dont enter any data it still puts the emty row in the list.
    Is it possible somehow to get rid of that, so i mean... that it list only rows with data and not emty rows.
    If its possible could someone give a step by step explanation how to do this please.

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    I create a button with the add function and use the popup.

    Add Record (Same as selected record, Current folder, No, Create using popup form)

    This prevents the creation of the empty row. If you decide not to use the record, click on close and no record is created. The record is only created when click on OK.

    1. Click on Button (action).
    2. Place Button where you want it on the form.
    3. You will see the script designer.
    4. Click on Add Action.
    5. Select Add Record.
    6. The Creation Method part of the Add Record screen is where you can select Create Using Popup Form.
    7. Click on OK.
    8. It will ask for the label - enter ADD
    9. Click OK.

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    Miner, now .. this is a perfect understandable explanation.
    Did it in less than 2 minutes, that works great... A lot of thanks.
    Could you also instruct on same way in the other queston ?

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    problem !

    Miner help ....

    I did this solution for adding customers, now i wanted it to do for adding transports also.

    The add button for the transports is on the customer form.
    Normally when i click on that it goes to the transport form where than automaticly the customer details allready are filled in.
    When i now do it with the popup, the fields are not filled automaticly.
    Solution ?

    see images for the problem

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is something that Brilliant Dabase does not do well.

    This is a very cumbersome way to do it:

    On the Customer Database create a button that does the following:

    1. Create global variables of the fields that you wish to be part of Delivery Screen.

    Select add variable
    Select Text
    Enter variable name and check the box that makes it global
    In use the following record type select customer
    Select Text Formula
    Select Field
    Select customer

    Repeat this process for each field you wish to be part of the second screen

    1 [$brk_global] = [Broker] (for Securities)
    2 [$sym_global] = [Symbol] (for Securities)

    2. Create a button on the delivery screen that assigns those values to the popup record.

    This is the script of how I did it:

    1 [$purchase_rec] = Current record (Purchases)
    2 [$broker_text] = [$brk_global] (for Purchases)
    3 [$symbol_text] = [$sym_global] (for Purchases)
    4 [$broker_find] = Records from Query("xfindbroker")
    5 [$symbol_find] = Records from Query("xfindsymbol")
    6 For Each Record From [$purchase_rec]
    7 Change relational field value (Purchases: Broker, [$broker_find], Add records to the field)
    8 Change relational field value (Purchases: Symbol, [$symbol_find], Add records to the field)
    9 Next Item

    3. Create queries.

    the query xfindbroker has this rule: [broker] = "[$broker_text"]
    the query xfindsymbol has this rule: [symbol] = "[$symbol_text"]

    This requires additional clicks and it is not how I would like to do it, but, I have not found another way.

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    Miner, this wat you explain is raely no option . its a pain in my head thing. also to many handlings for the realy many fields to fill on the tramsport page.
    Transport page has over 30 fields to fill so.. would be a hell of a job to di it for each seperated field to put on that popup.

    I hope somebody has a simple solution.
    To add a new record with a popup screen is clear and works, only now need to get the customer automaticly in that popup.

    So... short explanation again what is needed.....
    On the customer page where i have selected a customer i want a button to make a new transport for this customer.
    This new transport page comes in a popup screen where i can add all info about the transport for that customer.
    Till this all works right.
    Now i need on that transport popup screen a field that is automaticly filled with the selected customer name.

    If i dont use the popup all works and also the customer is filled automaticly, but when i do it by a popup the field is not filled automaticly.

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    The simplest way would be if there was the option of using the pop up like there is for the add record, but, I have no control over that option. The command that I am talking about is the clone record. It does not have the pop up option.
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    The field i use for the customer that has to be filled automaticly, now on the normal transport page is a mabytomanyfield. this whas the only simple solution i could find to get the field filled automaticly..... but that is not working when you get the transport form in the popup screen. weird, becouse its still the same manytomany field.

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    ow i typed mabytomany becouse .. thats also sometimes works and on other pages not

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