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    Unanswered: Incremental Backup for Postgre sql

    Hello All,

    I want to take incremental backup of PostgreSql database .But i does not get any solution kindly help me. Current Version -8.2

    Kindly Share me Steps.


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    Postgres 8.2 is no longer maintained or supported. You should upgrade to a current version now

    8.2 does support incremental backups using WAL archiving:

    But that has been much improved in current versions and you will find a lot more help setting it up with Postgres 9.4 than with the old 8.2

    Also: it's either Postgres or PostgreSQL (never "postgre")
    I will not read nor answer questions where the SQL code is messy and not formatted properly using [code] tags:

    Tips for good questions:

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    Incremental Backup for Postgres sql

    Hello Shammat,

    Thank's for sharing Details, Now i have done backup Like -

    [root@aca80d96 pg_xlog]# ll
    total 49160
    -rw-------. 1 postgres postgres 16777216 Dec 1 16:32 000000020000000000000042
    -rw-------. 1 postgres postgres 16777216 Dec 1 16:33 000000020000000000000043
    -rw-------. 1 postgres postgres 247 Dec 1 16:33 000000020000000000000043.00000020.backup
    -rw-------. 1 postgres postgres 16777216 Dec 1 16:37 000000020000000000000044
    drwx------. 2 postgres postgres 4096 Dec 1 16:33 archive_status

    Its 000000020000000000000043.00000020.backup my backup .

    Till Here i understand ....But after from this, suppose i insert some new value in table then it will be write in 000000020000000000000044 File Ok.

    1- Then what file we need to copy Tomorrow for Incremental Backup. & How can i recover file after this back up file ??

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    Incremental Backup for Postgres sql

    Hello shammat,

    Thank's for reply .....As i already mention am using postgres 8.2 & and i want take incremental backup using WAL Method , i jsut take full backup like -000000010000000000000023.00000020.backup.done
    Suppose that once backup will done ,after that there were some DML perform in my database and ait will write in a new file suppose -/var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_xlog/00000001000000000000003E ....then how can restore backup after bakup file

    i just want to restore changes -suppose i take full backup today 1:00 pm & there were some changes has done till 2:00 pm and after that i just want to restore that change whose has done b/w 1 to 2 pm.

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