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    Smile Unanswered: Integration of e-mails and documents in Brilliant

    Dear Brilliant-Friends,

    I am using Brilliant for more than 7 years already. It's brilliant, except the support.
    But there are Brilliant-Friends for!

    I built a good working CRM-system with all you can imagine included. Please check to attachment to get an idea.
    Only for the e-mails, I am using Thunderbird. I store all incoming and outgoing e-mails in a map-structure on the server.
    Is it possible to send e-mails directly from Brilliant?
    Would it be possible to see (and forward, resend, etc) all e-mails in the structure?
    I would like to have a Tab 'Correspondence' with all e-mails from the indicated customer/supplier/product.

    Does somebody have some experience with showing customers/suppliers on a map based on the city?

    I look forward to receiving your suggestions with keenest interest.

    Kind regards,

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    i dont think you can do it in brilliant, maybe that is why no one has answered..

    but... your solution is not a bad idea use thunderbird...

    do you push your info from brilliant to thunderbird right??


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