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    Unanswered: Create Date Time from Two Different Fields


    Using Access 2016.

    How can I create a Date/Time Field in Query from two other fields in the query?

    Field1 : GetTimeIn: Hour([TimeOut])-[Hrs_Regular] (e.g 22)
    Field2: GetDateIn: DateValue(Format([TimeOut],"mm/dd/yyyy")) (e.g. 11/21/2015)

    I tried to Concatenate these two fields using Format GetDateTimeStamp: Format([GetDateIn] & " " & [GetTimeIn],"Medium Time")
    But that is returning a string 11/21/2015 22. Im trying to get to 11/21/2015 10:00:00pm


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    why do you need to concatenate in the first place. assuming you have stored the timeout value correctly (ie as a date time value then its all down to formatting
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