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    Unanswered: On change event and requery form

    I have a form (continuous form) and at the top of the form is a textbox that after I type any number of characters - I click a search button and then the code builds a sql statement using the contents of the textbox as "like" statements across multiple columns to
    return any matching records by resetting the recordsource to the sql statement and requerying

    It works fine but I have to click the search button to see the results

    How can I use the change event to build and run the query as I type the characters - like a "real-time" search as I type?
    Dale Houston, TX

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    The trick to using the change event is using the .Text property of the textbox rather than the default .Value. I'd probably use the after update event and let the user hit enter when done entering.

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    If the search string is ten characters you really want to build and run ten Queries? Seems a little resource-intensive, but Allen Browne has a utility for doing just that:

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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