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    Cool Hello! Techie and Ecommerce Business Owner; Looking to Network & for Support


    My name is Heath. I am a techie studying for my CompTIA A+ cert as well as others. I started and own with my friends a retail company in Ohio. We are very excited about starting our company and have learned a lot about data, often in the not so pleasant way. Ugh!

    I hope to search the forum to network and see if I can find some support regarding data file formatting- that is using coding language to format our data to import into our Big Commerce hosted webstore. I also hope to learn and find help with building a API from our distributors server to our webstore.

    If anyone wants to say hello and point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone is well and would like to thank anyone who could help!

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    Welcome Heath,

    I needed to build an API as well so I wrote a small script which help's you scaffold one, check it out and let me know if you need any help

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    Just FYI, but there's a SQL Saturday event coming to Cleveland in about a month. You're expected to buy your own lunch (about $10), but otherwise it is free. There will be several hundred folks looking to learn about databases, IT in general, and to network with each other. If you're interested, you need to register via and I expect that this event will to to a wait list in about a week.

    I'll be presenting a session at the event, so if you attend then stop by and say hello!

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