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    Unanswered: Troubleshooting information in case of remote connection

    Hi all,
    I'm using DB2 10.5 on Linux.
    I have a DB2 Server on a separate machine than the DB2 client(on the client machine there is db2 client only).

    The create database command is failing while it previously ran successfully so I was asked to make problem determination on both client and server side.

    Could you please suggest anything I can do client side?
    Where can I find db2 client log files?
    Is there anything else client side that could contain relevant troubleshooting information?

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    What error are you getting when it fails. I would start there....


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    Did I get you correctly, that you ran a "create database" command from a remote db2 client (btw, what's the exact client type and its OS) and got some error?
    Client-side db2diag.log file should be in the same db2dump sub directory of the client's instance owner.
    If yes, what is the error code you got at the client's side and what appeared in the client's and server's db2diag.log files?

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