I am looking for a Microsoft Access tutor/consultant to help me learn how to use the program properly. I have experience with software and computer programming. I am fairly familiar with database concepts in general: normalization, primary & foreign keys, relationships, tables, forms, queries, etc. I am also fairly familiar with VBA and have written a number of macros and UDFs for Excel and Word.

I have a number of applications that I have been force-fitting into Word and Excel, but I have long exceeded what can be done using these tools. Now I want to learn Access so I can port these applications to a real database.

My plan is to do most of the work myself. For each application, I will design the database and create as much of it as I can. When I run into trouble or have a question, I will schedule a phone call, probably sharing my desktop, and have the consultant walk me through solving the problem with me doing the work on my machine.

I expect each call to be about 30-90 minutes, after which I will go work on what we discussed. The next call could be in a day or so or not for several weeks, if I get bogged down with other work. This is something that could easily be done in someone’s spare time. And these are mostly for personal use, so there is no real urgency or deadlines. I am more than happy to work around the consultants schedule in exchange for reasonable rates.

I have my first application ready to go. It’s a simple three-table application. I have a detailed description and I have created the tables. I started on the forms when I realized that there are probably better ways to do things. I could use the wizards, but I want to understand how things really work. And I want forms that are efficient, easy to use, and bullet-proof.

In this first application, there is a primary table and two secondary “look up” tables. I want the primary form to employ a auto-complete drop down (combo box?) and, if the entry does not exist, put up a “child” form to fill in the data for that new entry.

I am running Access 2007 at the moment, so you need to be capable on that version.

If you are interested, please send me your contact info (including location), experience, and rates. I am in California (Pacific Time).

Thank you.