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    Unanswered: Transferring Data to another Databases via Internet betwee between two Locations

    Hi guys,


    I would like to ask help for connecting and sending data to PostgreSQL Server via Internet.

    I am working in a project right now and I would like to ask a help on how to send data to POSTGRESQL Server in from different locations.
    I have to send the data via Internet.

    The set up is this, I have to send data from the extension branch (which also has a postgreSQL in local area) to main office where the main server PostgreSQL is located.

    How do I send the data to main server via internet?

    For additional information, I am using C# in this development and PostgreSQL is my backend database.
    The main server OS is windows server 2012 and the extension branch OS is windows XP.

    The router has already configure for portforwarding because of camera system.

    I highly appreciate in great help.

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    You may wish to look at foreign data wrappers.

    In your Postgres server at your extension branch you would define the connection settings for the database server in your main office as described here:

    Now the database server in your extension branch can 'connect' to the database server in your main office you can proceed to define a 'foreign table' in the extension branch which matches the table you wish to connect to in your main office:

    Now, at the your extension branch, you can INSERT into this foreign table in the regular way but the data will be sent over the internet to the Postgres server in the main office.

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