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    Unanswered: query regarding primary logs

    Hello, as we know that the primary logs are pre-allocated, that means upon connecting to database, all the primary logs will be created with the log size defined for them(correct me if i am wrong), now my question is, lets say we face a scenario where we have reached a disk full, and lets say we still have primary logs that are empty, is it possible to write to these files since they are empty and it is already taking space it is meant to take despite disk full?

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    Given that you should have your active logs in a separate filesystem, you would have either run out of space when the primary logs are created or run out of space when secondaries are being created. If the space issue occurred when creating the primaries then you would get nowhere to start with. If the secondaries caused the disk full then you would be getting errors in the db2diag.log file and applications would return errors. If you have your active logs in the same filesystem as your data then you need to rethink your config

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