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    Unanswered: Rework number changes after user prints

    Ok I have a some users that use filemaker pro 11 they want me to figure out how to create a form (that's not the hard part) that changes the rework number (5 digit number 17950) every time a user fills out the form and prints? so when the next user goes to fill out a form he has a different number. not sure how to do this in filemaker?
    first user - 17950
    second user - 17951

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    Sequencing Numbers in FMPro

    Quick easy answer: Select 'Manage Database' under the FILE menue
    Select the field name used for your number and click the 'Options' button, lower right corner
    Under Auto-Enter tab, check the 'Serial number' box and provide the starting value and increment steps.

    Works great but you may also provide script steps to expand capability and add features for the user.

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