I have configured master slave replication in putty. It works fine and replication is working fine as well but when I close terminals and start putty terminals again the replication isn't working even though show slave status shows no errors and everything appears fine, however when I insert something in master it is not replicated in slave and when I run command "service mysqld restart" slave starts replicating. What is the problem behind this?
I have omitted these lines out of slave my.cnf file because mysqld won't start when I include them, can this be the reason behind above problem?

UPDATE SO I find out that mysql 5.5 version won't accept the above lines in my.cnf so I created a master.info file from mysql. However the problem is still there when I restart mysqld it works fine and I close putty and then start it again it is again working fine! However if I close putty for longer time the replication won't work until I restart mysqld service.