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    Unanswered: Multiple Visible properties from selection in combo box

    I am creating a database so our farm can manage all of our entries. I have set up a table and form for the general records, but we detailed records for spraying, so I created one of those also. There are multiple chemicals you apply, but not on some things, in different passes. I have different options, burndown, milo pre, milo post, corn pre, corn post, and top dress. When I select burndown I want Roundup, 2,4-D, Banvil, and Atrazine to show up. I do not want Brawl or Husky to show up. When I select milo pre, I also want Roundup, 2,4-D, Banvil, and Atrazine. I do not want Brawl or Husky to show up. When I select milo post, I want 2,4-D, Atrazine, Brawl and Husky to show up, but not the others. How would I do this? Thanks a million

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    set up a treatment profile. think of the profile as a template ie I want to use the following chemicals on this specific type of crop. And when it comes to applying the chemical(s) record in a similar table but for a specific instance (field/location). the template could include a profile eg n grams per M2, say as per the manufacturers recommendation. and your table containing details of the actual treatments applied could record what you did use. when it comes to recording the information you have a table that contains the field or location and the type of crop and then from that you limit what treatments are available. In principle the actual seeding of the crop could be a treatment, and arguably so could the prep of the field as well as harvesting.

    table crops

    table treatments

    table treatmentplans

    table treatmentplandetails
    maize_lownitrate nitrate
    maize_lownitrate phosphorous
    maize_highitrate phopsphorous

    table locations

    table locationcrops

    table locationtreatements

    table locationteratementdetails

    and so on. note the above is a 'back oif fag packet' sketch NOT a design model that is refined, designed and proven. its to give soem ideas, it is not neccessarily 'the' way to do it, a 'right' way to do it. its just an approachthat may go partway to reaching yourgoal, and offered more in hoep that it may make you think about the problem

    look up intersection tables intersection table provides a means of implementing a many to many relationship (a specific treatment (chemical) may be used on one or more crops, and a crop may may be treated with one or more chemicals

    the key issue that I see is finding a way to constrain what treatments can be applied to what crops, thats the 'template' bit. think of it as a 'recipie' ie Monsanto to recommends the following chemical treatment plans...
    for maize:-
    chemical A at drilling
    chemical B at seeding
    chemical C at 6 weeks after germination
    chemical D if insect infestations
    ...and so on....

    so once you have identified that a specific location (up to you how you model that, it could be a GPS co-ordiante, a boundign box of co-ordinates or just a field / geographical name). you identify the crop for each location that year
    at this point the nice theoretical model falls apart as you match the theory (ie manufacturers recommendation for each crop) with reality, IE what treatments you actually applied to each location. (say you decide partway through the growign season there is insufficienrt nitrate, so you could apply another treatment of nitrates, or there is a local infestation of weeds, so another treatment of roundup is called for.
    so you need a mechanism to store what actually happened
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