I have access 2013 offline desktop database (DB) created for everyday business (materials managament, sales etc). I have approx. 50+ forms/tables/reports.
I plan to put one part (5%) of that DB online. That 5% is component called „Purchase orders“. In order to do that, few tables which are connected to component „Purchase orders“, I decided to convert that tables to sharepoint list, and then create Access 2013 Web App with linked tables from sharepoint list.
Then I have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to add any new data via Access Web App 2013 because tables are linked to sharepoint list?! It is ONLY POSSIBLE however, to add new records directly editing sharepoint list which sucks hard!

Since my plan to put few tables from my DB to online using only sharepoint lists and Access Web App is ruined by very unpleasant surprise from Microsoft, I am trying to figure out how to convert few of my tables connected to component „Purchase orders“ online (via browser), but same tables must be still available for adding/editing data from offline DB. I guess that is possible if I migrate all of my tables to MSSQL server DB and than to single out all tables from component „Purchase orders“ and put them to use via browser using ASP.NET or similar.

Any help is appreciated because I am stuck
Thank you.