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    Arrow Unanswered: Loop thru QRY and show data on form


    I have an query that i want to loop thru when the form open's and close after is is done but dont know where to start...
    Also i want to show the 4 collumn data in 4 textboxes.
    The query:
    SELECT [Global Address List].First, [Global Address List].Last, [Global Address List].Account, [Global Address List].Phone
    FROM [Global Address List]
    WHERE ((([Global Address List].First) Not Like "") AND (([Global Address List].Last) Not Like "") AND (([Global Address List].Account) Like "id*") AND (([Global Address List].Office) Not Like "shop*") AND (([Global Address List].[Display name]) Not Like "_*"));

    The form name:
    Textboxes named
    [First], [Last], [Account], [Phone]

    This is not my DB so dont want to change to much, hope someone can direct me the write way...
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    'loop through'?
    for what purpose

    it looks like there is some data encoding going on, ferinstance a display that starts with an underscore has some special meaning (thats the
    [Global Address List].[Display name]) Not Like "_*"
    as well as the other columns not like "xx*"

    do you mean some sort of row based data processing. but there is no indication of what you might want to do

    who did 'design' the db needs a rocket shoving where the sun doesn't shine till they understand why they shouldn't use reserved words or symbols when naming columns or tables

    so what are you actually trying to do. usually such problems are down to not clearly knowing what it is you want to achieve as opposed to some quirk of the Access world
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    Hehe i know its a big mess... thats why i try to tinker as little with it as possible.
    The query that links to a file from the HR department of names, the "_text" are departments that is also in this query/file.
    I needed i can look to change is (and see what happens)

    There are some report reports created after this form i want to add the names list to this report (again without changing as little)
    There is already an append query that adds the data from these Txt boxes

    I hope that there is a way to put the data in these boxes and set the append query after it so it is also added to this list.
    I just made an simple append query before to see if i can just add the data from [Global Address List] to this output but this did nothing, just a white access screen.
    I need to input the data to a table called "tblGLOBALusers" with the same collumns: First, Last, Account, Phone, Office, Display name.
    The "Account " is a Primary key so no double input should be in it...
    If there is an other way let me know...

    PS: i'm not an access engineer, just try to make it work for the mean while we are going to UMRA system so we get reliable output...

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