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    Cool Unanswered: How do you add multiple records into a table sharing the same ID when using Auto Numb

    I am writing a NCR (Non-conforming Material)database to track non conformance's within our mfg area.

    I have created a table with all of the needed data. Also have created an append Query and table to allow me to change the Auto number starting number. (Instead of "1" I can start at "300")

    I have created a form to enter data to update the table and auto assign the NCR number. Works fine. Now the issue,

    I can have product with more then one deviation type. I created a Sub form that allows me to enter more then one record for each deviation type. (e.g. O/S dia, Length, Height, ect. )under the Auto assigned NCR number or I.D. Purpose is to be able to have different dispositions for each deviation.

    The sub form populates the table but auto indexes the I.D. number (NCR # in this case)

    I'm stuck, Tried several things but to no avail. Any help is appreciated.


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    You need to normalise the structure of your database. Instead of recording the item details and their deviations in one table, split them into three:
    • Items
    • Deviations
    • ItemDeviations
    This last table needs to hold the item IDs and deviation IDs as a minimum, but you can add other details such as failure date, technician ID, etc.
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