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    Question Unanswered: count grouped dates on reports

    Hello all,

    I have a database which is fairly basic, a few tables and queries and one report.

    my query
    Combines SDate Number Qty Rate Extra
    Employee1 12/1/15 0001 .5 50 5
    Employee1 12/1/15 0002 .25 50 5
    Employee1 12/2/15 0003 1 50 5
    Employee1 12/2/15 0004 1 50 5
    Employee1 12/3/15 0005 .5 50 5

    I have ran a report to summarize like:
    Combined SDate Number Qty
    Employee1 12/1/15 0001 .5
    0002 .25
    12/2/15 0003 1
    0004 1
    12/3/15 0005 .5

    But would like to summary and add additional formulas in the footer
    Total Rate Extended
    Qty =sum([qty]) =[rate] =sum([qty])*[rate]
    Driver =count([Sdate]) =[extra] =count([SDate])*[extra]

    I cannot figure out how to get a count of the dates listed, every time i try something different i get the same result 5 when it should be 3.......
    this report at peak have 1800 numbers with 15 employees over a 3 month span, reports will be ran with a date filter(start & end) on open.

    thank you in advance for any help

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    ? not entirely certain what it is you are trying to achieve. it may be that you need to place some code behind the report that does your counting for you

    what are you wanting from COUNTing a date value.

    you may getaway with expressly converting the column to a number
    eg:- count(cdbl[SDate])

    alternatively you could do the summarisation as a sub report and embed that in the main report
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    I need to count the number of summarized dates... currently it counts all 5 entries i need it to count that entries only happened on 3 of those days

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    If you have a report, have you tried using the report grouping and header/footer capabilities?
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