Hi, as a database engineer i have to maintain and develop multiple database projects of different types (oracle, mysql) on different platforms (linux, windows).
What i experienced was that every developer wrote his own scripts and organized the project in his own way. Which means that every database project is organized in his owner and contains a mixture of sql and deployment scripts. To make things even more complicated platform depended deployment scripting is also mixed.
The result for me was that is was almost impossible to maintain more than 5 database projects.
So i thought there must be a way around this. Is it possible to remove all deployment scripting and use a uniform project layout which can be used on different platforms and is it opensource.
After searching for it, now i think 3 years ago, i found nothing, and started developing my self.
The result is NoOra it is written in python and can therefore being used on different platforms. All the deployment scripting required to deploy the database is done by NoOra. The result is a clean database project. NoOra also a uniform project model, which makes it easy to create and maintain database projects.

NoOra is opensource and now supports oracle and mysql databases. postgresql is work in progress, we would appriciate i the community will give us feedback on this.
You can download NoOra from : http://sourceforge.net/projects/noora/?source=directory