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    Unanswered: Remove a Dash in Front of a Number?


    How can I remove a dash (-) in front of a number?

    Excel Columns:

    Column D Column E
    12/24/15 =D2-TODAY() -13

    My numbers appear with a dash in front of them and I would like to get whole numbers. I tried reformatting, but I still cannot get a simple whole number.

    Your assistance is appreciated. :-)

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    Use the ABS function to remove the negative

    Choose which ever method of rounding is applicable for your needs

    The only oroblem is if the value is a date or alphanumeric in which case you may need to convert to a number. Or if its date manipulation use the correct date time function for your requirements
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    Thank you healdem. I actually formulated the cell as =TODAY()-D9 and this removed the dash. Thanks again for coming to my aid. :-)

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