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    Exclamation Unanswered: concurrent manager error

    Application services all start ( with status 0, but concurrent manager services are not running except ICM (internal concurrent manager). If I issue command status it show all services status ALIVE. The reason I am facing this is because I took a cold backup of PROD then I restored it on TEST as is with directory structure from PROD. After restoring to TEST environment before I could startup all services on apps and db tier. I change host name, ip address edited hosts file with fully qualified domain entries. Then I restart TEST server. Then I manually start db and apps Tier respectively. Everything is fine except Concurrent Manager which only allow ICM to start and the rest of concurrent manager are down. Below are errors I get in log file

    could not contact service manager fndsm_xxx_xx thr TNS alias could not be located
    the listener process on HOST could not be located, or the listener failed to spawn the service Manager process

    starting STANDARD concurrent manager CONC-SM TNS FAIL

    The PROD_0108@PROD internal concurrent manager has terminated with status 1

    Can you please assist, I have tried cmclean and several other Metalink notes but with no luck

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    Have you tried the steps shown in this article?
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