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    Help with assigning multiple items to order number

    i want to create a very simple db using the following tables,
    customer, order, items.
    customer table contains:
    cust id,surname, first name, address, phone, email.
    order should contain;
    order no, date, item id, quantity, subtotal, total
    item table should contain;
    item number, item name, description, unit price.

    customer places an order. order contains items.
    where i trip up is knowing how to create a db that shows an order number (456) that contains 2x item number 12, 1xitem number 21 and 4x item number 3 for example.

    is this even possible?
    thanks in advance and sorry if its in the wrong place. im new here.

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    Many to many

    Just checking to see if you still need assistance on this (I just recently joined the forum).

    What your describing is a pretty standard many to many requirement that is achieved by using an associative (bridge) table/entity. Let me know if you need details.

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