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    Cool Unanswered: Migrating a Paradox based RDB to another PC

    I have posted this a few weeks ago under the "Introducing Myself" section and Pat Phelan kindly commented twice, however I thought one posting here might also help. The database system in question is a Recruitment package called "RDB" from First Choice:-
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    Question Migrating Paradox 9 to (say) MySQL
    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am hoping you might be able to impart some kind advice.
    I started using a commercial database which was tailored from/built with Paradox 9 some 15 years ago.
    Since then I have for the past 5 - 6 years used the database to store all my personal information and now that I have a new PC (Windows 8.1, probably Win 10 soonish) I now need to transfer/migrate my data to something like MySQL (?)
    The Paradox based database I am still using on my XP machine and it works very well but of course I am vulnerable to viruses etc and I imagine running my "XP Paradox" in a Virtual Environment or similar is not a viable solution.
    I don't need all the bells and whistles of my tailored Paradox and wonder if there are packages that will do the transfer "automatically" for me and whether MySQL is arguably the best future proofed database to transfer into?
    Apologies if my problem is not clear but I have tried my best and I really do welcome any advice.
    Thank you in advance so very much!

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    Click here to see the previous message thread from the New Members forum.

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    no, there are no packages to move from Paradox to any other platform directly.. the tables and data, of course.. the forms, reports, and code, no.. that's true of just about any platform in existence..
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    Paradox format & data transfer

    OK, thanks Steve, your comment is much appreciated.

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    OK, thanks Steve.

    Much appreciated, and apologies for my late Reply.

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