I am an employee of an island municipality that deals primarily in golf carts as a means for our citizens to travel the island. As with normal cars, these golf carts need to be registered yearly and have valid insurance information and so on. Additionally, our police officers need to be able to pull up a registration while out on patrol using their mobile devices(phones/tablets). We have approximately 4000 registered golf carts and our current database and registration methods are not able to keep up with current demands.

As it stands right now, we use an Access database for all registration paperwork. Registration form.pdf is the current form we use with access for our registrations. Registration number is the equivalent of a license plate, Validation number is the number assigned to each registration that changes yearly, the registration date is the date the cart was originally registered, and the validation date is the last time the registration was renewed. Once all of the information we need has been provided to us, we print out a copy of this form and give them their new stickers. We added a way for people to register and pay online so all they had to do was come in to our office and pick up their sticker/form and be on their way. This has recently created a problem due to the increasing number of registered golf carts each year.

The information from the form they fill out online gets exported into an excel spreadsheet. We have to take that information and manually transfer it into the access database which can take dozens of hours of extra time when it comes to the yearly registration time. I understand that there are ways to import excel data into access, but we'd like to try a different route altogether.

What would be our best course of action for having some sort of cloud-based database where once people enter their information it gets assigned a new, unique validation number inside of our database and then prints out a copy of this form so that all we'd have to do is match up the pre-printed sticker to the number on the form. New registrations would most likely still need to be manually entered by us since we have to do a physical inspection before it can be approved.