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    Looking for advice on first database design

    Hi dB community,

    I am pretty new to databases and was recently asked by a company to basically create some kind of database that is more effective than what they have. They use an internet database that requires several actions to get to the data they want, requires a lot of reading to find the exact data they want, and it is overall a little bit ineffective.

    Basically what they are looking for is for me to design a database where they can search certain people with one click(without them actually having to type in every query) and return every single project and employee that is under that member in the business hierarchy. They also want the database to highlight successful and/or late projects with colors for easy visibility. The last thing they want is for charts to be created easily based on the data. I have been working with MySQL which doesn't seem like it would be the best choice for these requirements since it is black and white in the command prompt.

    I have been trying to choose an option to attempt this, and I am wondering what would be the best way to do all of these requirements? I was looking at Excel or SQL Server, but I have some research to do. Of course they don't expect me to do some absolutely perfect database like someone with 10 or 20 years of experience obviously, but I do want to do the best job I can do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks for any feedback!

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    MySQL is a data store, as is DB2, as is SQL server as is...... is MICROSOFT JET the underlying default data store for MS Access.
    what yiou need is something to "talk to" tthe underlying data store, whatever that is, and do the presentation... that could be MS Access, irt could be soem other form of scritping engine (PHP, RUBY, PERL and so on) it coudl be a fully formed language such as .NET, JAVA and so on. at a pinch it could be Excel.

    so the first task is to identify what you already have (ie what is the current existing data stored in)
    identify if that storage already has what you need or coudl be modified so that it can be

    be very wary of duplicating what already exists as pretty soon you will have the problem oif ewhich set of data is the most recent (the original web db or the local copy). merging data sets back intot he orgiianl is alwasy fraught with difficutlites
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