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    Request: Seeking advice for a doubles disc golf horseshoe-style putting league

    I just completed a database management class which I really enjoyed. Over the break, our disc golf league discussed creating a putting league, doubles horseshoe-style. I would like to implement a database preferably with an app or more likely with a website using what I've learned from last semester. I began designing a database but without any feedback from a professor or peers I feel unsure of my direction.

    Here is my most recent configuration. Handicapping is not complete, I'm really not sure the best way around it. Also, I think I need some work on triggers/operations but I don't remember working with them in class so I just kind of sloshed it on my design.
    EDIT: This was very quickly put together and is most definitely not right, see new ER model linked below

    Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning a lot from the forums.

    So I realized I should have done what we did in class which was a crows foot ER model instead of using the quick and easy drawing tool that came with Dia. I think I may still have a problem with the handicapping relationship between a PLAYER and PLAYER_HANDICAP
    Click image for larger version. 

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