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    Unanswered: Bash shell script variable question.

    I am new to postgres, I have a table 'file_name' and saved the file name(just one row) 'file' like: '/users/../aaa.csv', how can I use shell script to read the file name then use \copy to load the file aaa.csv?

    I have tried use variable in bash shell script psql on mac os 10.9.5 terminal:

    \Set filename \\select file from file_name , sometime it works and filename = '/users/../aaa.csv', and sometimes it doesn't work. Even I type in
    \set filename '/users/../aaa.csv', to set
    :filename = '/users/../aaa.csv', the \copy command didn't work with the variable:
    \copy table from :filename
    \copy table from :'filename
    \copy table from :"filename"
    \copy table from \\select file from file_name,
    they all failed for No such file or directory, only use
    \copy table from 'users/../aaa.csv' worked. Any one can help? thanks.

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    It looks that \copy doesn't work with internal variables.

    You can read the filename in bash interactively (outside psql) and call psql with the complete \copy command like following bash commands:
    echo -n "filename to copy into table:" ; read CSVFILE
    psql -c "\\copy tablename from '$CSVFILE'"
    # Please do not forget psql options such as "-d database" or "-U username" or what else if required.
    # Please do not forget to replace "tablename" by your own tablename.

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