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    Unanswered: Questions regarding Student Database multiuser ver 10.54B.

    Hi All,
    I have a few questions but first want to tel you "about Us"
    We have an Educational College in Namibia, the college consists out of 4 campuses but we will add 2 more campuses still in 2016. Total number of students will be more than 4000
    in the system. We have to keep record of the students even if he/she is out of the system. So every year the numbers will grow with aprox 4000. We keep normal record of the students but also add attachments to his file.
    So I have a server in my office and the 4 different campuses connect to the server. We using remote desktop. We have aprox. 200 different reports, 20 Folders, 200 queries.

    It was allot of trail and error but it's working. I want to re-write the database and want to know if:

    1.Which option will be the best, to use Brilliant as a Front-end and store the data on SQL Server 2014 or just keep on using BDB, or any other advice.
    2. What is the best option to connect the 4 campuses (400km to 800km) from each other.
    3. My users base is 10 but will increase to 30, will it be a problem for BDB?
    4. If it happens that we are off-line, is their a way for the campuses to still enter data and when the connection is up the data will be updated on the server?

    This could be silly questions but I would appreciate your advice.

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    I have done some Multiuser Applications at Version 9 and 10.
    First of all: Version 10.54b is not as good as estimated.

    About your questions:
    1: SQL Connection inside BDB is not safe for your behaviour. I could not recommend it. It is more desined to do an export/import to other databases as to have a full access to an external SQL Storage.
    2: VPN connection and RDP Session to a Terminal server. This has a low bandwith requirement. If you need a offline local database, you need a VPN Connection and a Software which can work with two databases at the same time.
    3: My experience - if above 15 and heavy load it becomes slow otherwise around 20. 30 concurrent users - I wouldn't recommed BDB.
    4: If connection is offline - database connection is gone. If you copy the whole database to external locations they have it offline (for copying you need to turn of the BDB Server)

    Depending on how you would like to use it I would not use BDB or MyVisualDatabase - if you have this in mind - because both are designed to local LAN work.

    If you need a Client/Server with local offline you would need to to it with another system like a full featured compiler. Or you need to hire an external software company.

    The problem is, that you need to work with two database at the same time. The central database and a local database. BDB is not designed for this.

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