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    Question Unanswered: creating a interactive database for tracking trucks

    hello everyone

    i'm a junior intern at a transport company , i was given a project to create a interface that can track and give the optimal allocation of variable 3 (truck, driver , trailer) according to a mathematical model using the Operations Research
    the question is SQL the best choice to do this


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    SQL as an interface no...
    as a means of storing and manipulating data then SQL is pretty good.
    whether you can do all you want purely in SQL (even assuming that you can get direct access to a server is doubtful. you will probably need something else between you and the data).
    I guess it depends on how complex the mathematical model is, how easy tht is to transcribe into SQL (either through queries or a mix of queries and stored procedures). Normally I would expect an interface between the user and the db but that interface could be a query browser such as PHPMySQL or Workbench where queries can be run directly against the db, or some program(s) which handle the user interaction in a slightly more elegant and gracefully manner

    there's pros and cons against with any solution.
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    thank you for your help

    exactly , i'm going to try link it together , in addition that the mathematical model is complex as i said earlier 3 variables each one has 8 feature or more that will be selected and assigned according to their percentage of importance
    so it going to be a long internship

    thanks again if i got stuck i'll let you know

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