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    Unanswered: Combo Box to Select Row from other Table and to make it Autocomplete


    Thank you very much for willing to help. I'm having a problem with many Combo Boxes. It's something like this:

    Imagine i have a table called "TblBook" and that one of its fields ia called AUTHORS and it's a foreign key to a table called "TblAuthor". The primary key of "TblAuthor" is an autonumerated field called Author_ID. The other field of this table is called Author_Name.

    Now imagine i create a Query to Join these 2 tables by matching Author_ID with AUTHOR. Then i create a Form based on this Query, so that i can use it to add new books..

    Now i create a Combo Box in this form to get a row from TblAuthor. The Combo Box's record source is the field AUTHOR and its row source is something like:
    SELECT [Author].[Author_ID], [Author].[Author_Name] FROM Author.

    When i select a row from the drop box of the combo box, the Combo Box control shows the Author_ID value from the row i selected. The Author_Name Control is automatically filled.

    This works right, but i need to make it faster to select rows from other tables with Combo boxes. What i need to know is:

    1) How can i create a combo box that stores not the Author_ID, but the Author_Name instead? An Author_ID Control of the Form should be filled automatically after i select the row.

    2) How can i make this Combo Box autocomplete for each keystroke i give?

    Thank you very very much for the atention and for willing to help!

    Best Regards,

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    ATENTION: I HAVE ALREADY SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. I just don't know how to close this topic yet. Thank you!

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