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    Unanswered: Can't create forms or reports

    I am unable to create forms or reports in shared database. I can't open the current forms or reports in design view to make edits. This is access 10.

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    Dont make design changes on the same file (s) as used by others
    If its a multi user application then you should use a split front / back end model
    Back end has the data and common queries
    Front end has the user interface
    ...ideally each user should have theur own copy if the front end on their own desktop pointing to the same common back end.
    ...user application should be deployed as an mde / accde, encrypted so users cannot make design changes.

    ...if you use a client server db then de facto you are using a split db paradigm.

    I would normally expect to develop in one mdb/accdb, have a test data back end
    A live data back end, and a public downloadable front end. There is code in the codebank to manage deploying a new front end
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