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    Unanswered: Process of db update


    This is really quite difficult to explain and I understand without knowing the structure of the database then it is not going to be easy to reply properly.

    We have a web based front end, db is MySQL. We have some data that has been getting entered in to the wrong date in the front end and this has been ongoing for months. We have asked our database administrator to move the data 'back a day' --so change the date by 1 day on ALL entered data. I know that this data is relied upon for calculations and rag status' etc.

    I thought in my simple mind that it would be 'quick and easy' query, but I am being told that it will be at least a 2 day job because 'When we import data using the front end, there are scripts in place to run various tasks in the background, such as updating the RAG status and updating any relevant calculated measures (including working out which calculations can be displayed without all values present). If the data is altered manually in the database none of this will be triggered, thus the RAGs and calculations will be incorrect.

    So, I am being told the 'system' (database) carries out a series of tasks once a number/data has been inputted the front end.

    I suppose what i'm asking is - is this how a database works, we input a number front end then the database/system would carry out tasks - surely the database would auto update any calcs etc

    I really don't know if a) I've explained this well enough and b) if anyone can actually answer me!

    thanks in advance anyway

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    Each application is different. Apparently, it has been explained how your application is set up and the dependencies that exist for that application. Are there other ways of setting an application up? Yes, no different than each house on a street being different, either in layout, color or usage.

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