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    Need hints and tips for a db design

    Hello! I'm working for an English center at the moment. My job is managing transportation for English teachers. Due to a special incident, i currently find myself also responsible for managing teachers schedule as well with very little experience. As far as i know, my job would be finding a substitute in case someone is unable to work that day. Basically, it's looking for a free English teacher as well as a free teaching assistant, prioritize the one who teaches the same textbooks (because schools might use different textbooks). I tried to utilize my tiny knowledge about db i learned way back at school but soon found myself at lost. It would be great if you can give me some hints about the tables i should create and their relationship or where i should start as time is not quite on my side >< . Thx in advace!

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    A few ideas

    Based upon your description you'll first need to set up a table with all your teachers and assistants and their addresses, qualifications, textbooks they work from, and whether or not they will accept a substitution assignment on short notice, etc.

    Next you'll need to set up a class schedule (calendar) for every class with teacher, assistant, and required textbook. Each day would point to the teacher table entry for the teacher and assistant assigned.

    Beyond that, I'm not clear on all the other requirements.

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