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    Question Unanswered: Brilliant in Multiuser shared mode

    Dear Friends,

    I am using my application in shared modus on a I7-4770K CPU 3,50GHZ 16GB PC. Brilliant V10.5 Server is installed on this PC. The data for this application is on our Fujitsu PY TX100 S2 Core Edition Xeon X3430 2,40GHZ 16GB Server with Windows Server 2008.
    My colleague is also working on a similar I7-PC and is using Brilliant WorkPlace V10,50. I share the database with ADBServerMon. Especially my collegue is facing huge problems, while the application is extremely slow. In fact it is too slow to work in a normal way. Adding one invoice might take 15 minutes!
    I am wondering if their are ways to make it more stable and quicker. Should I run the application on Server mode on our server and work both with Brilliant WorkPlace?
    Or should I change my server to a terminal server, where all the work is done on the server and the network is only transporting the information on the monitor for the clients?
    Please advise what the best solution would be to work with our database-application with maximum 3-4 users.

    Your advise is highly appreciated.

    Thanks & kind regards,


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    You didn't mention if you are sharing through LAN or internet. If it is through internet certainly BD is very slow in multiuser environments whatever the version we use(my experience).


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    Dear Asokram,

    The database is shared via gigabit LAN, so that can not be the problem.
    I hope that someone can suggest the best hardware to run the application on.

    Kind regards,

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    share some information about your app.
    - how many queries
    - how many records in each folder (min. max. how much folders)
    - maybe some screenshots to see how much fields are to fill
    - how many reports - sample screenshots
    in short: anything which could help to estimate the network traffic, the query load, the speed of the database itself.

    as more records at a folder and more users as slower Brilliant Database comes.

    If not confidential and if not a product what you are selling maybe a empty database.

    Here are some folks around who can help to optimize the database for multi user.

    if you need only a hardware recommendation:
    10 Users, Gigabit Lan works on a intel i3 with 4 GB RAM (Windows 2008R2) and SATA Hard Disk (Windows Software RAID 1). Internal CRM application where staff records every call to customers/vendors.

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    Also share how many field are calculating data on the fly (totals, sub totals, taxes, etc). These type of fields take some time to calculate data.

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