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    Unanswered: Changing DB2 SYSADM_GROUP group name


    Hope someone can help.
    Is there anyone from the group who has tried to change the group name of SYSADM_GROUP in DB2
    Current value now is SYSADM_GROUP = DB2IADM1 --> this is the default group name assigned upon installation.
    Now, client is requesting to change the into something else.
    I know that this can be done by changing the group name on the os level and issuing db2 update dbm cfg using SYSADM_GROUP db2grp1.
    My question is if this won't affect any of the instance ownership, permissions, etc.


    change DB2IADM1 to db2grp1

    Many Thanks!

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    You must place the instance owner to the db2grp1 group first.
    Don't exclude it from the db2iadm1 group.

    If you have to remove the db2iadm1 group, run the following from root when you made the db2grp1 group as the instance owner's primary group.
    db2iuptd ${DB2INSTANCE}

    But I'd suggest you to test it first to be on the safe side...
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