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    Linking multiple webapplications

    Hello there, I'm a new user of the dbforums. I have a question about using different software solutions for different problems.

    I'm working at a business where we have three software solutions for three different tasks

    - CRM - for customer info and communication between sales reps about customers
    - webshop - customers and sales reps place orders here
    - invoice app - sales reps make invoices here

    As you can see, there's a lot of duplication of data and a lot of room for inconsistent data as all three use different databases for overlapping info (customer data, products, etc...). I'm looking for advice on how to organise things so that data duplication and inconsistency gets drastically reduced. Are database "views" an option? Are there any in-depth articles online covering this? I've tried searching on google for keywords like "data integration", merge databases, mysql view users table, but all of them don't really tackle the issue at hand or remain vague practically speaking.

    The advantage of using those three web applications, is that we have them hosted on our servers. This means we have full control of our data. I've also been looking for solutions that tackle multiple issues in one application (e.g. crm + invoicing or webshop+invoicing) but this would lead us to complete ERP software solutions and that is overkill for our company.

    Any advice, experience or suggestions where to start looking for a concrete guideline or best practices?
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