We're doing an upgrade from a Windows 2003 server to a Windows 2012 server.

Everything should be operating the same as on the original server. However, we're having problems with Sybase that appear to be related to .ini file settings.

The server will run batch jobs that read a Sybase database and then insert new rows into a DB2 database on a mainframe server. From what I understand, this is using Direct Connect to communicate between the servers.

One question I had, in regards to the mainframe DB2 side of the equation, is that it uses the variable "win3_query=" when identifying characteristics on the mainframe/DB2 side. We cannot establish a connection to the mainframe DB2 server so I wondered if the "win3_query" is specific to Windows 2003. Is it? And if it is, what should be used?

I do not work directly with Sybase or Direct Connect. I also am not familiar at all with the way the server should be set up. I am a mainframe programmer who is just testing the jobs on this server to see if they load our database correctly. Unfortunately, I have also not been able to find a resource that seems to know this part of the equation. We have Sybase DBAs, but they don't have knowledge of how Direct Connect works. The original 2003 server was setup more than a decade ago and those involved are long gone from our company.

Thanks for any help!