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    Exclamation Unanswered: HELP! Had to reinstall OS/mySQL. Need help restoring data

    I came in this morning to "NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND". Had to format and reinstall the OS and reinstall mySQL. All that is done and fine. It's Windows 7. Old version was mySQL 5.1. Reinstalled using the latest 5.7, hoping that will be ok.

    I tried to restore the database using a dump file. It restores schema, tables and data. But it isn't completing the views. It creates a bunch of temporary myISAM tables representing the views, but never goes on to actually create the views and delete those temporary tables. What can I do to kick it in the *** to complete the job???

    The DATA was stored in a separate drive array. It is unharmed. Is there a way to just tell it to use that old data rather than importing the dump files? Would I need to use the exact same version of mySQL to do that? How can I do this without blowing things up?
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    if you restore the server initialisation for the data to point to the same logical disk location there should be no need to restore the data
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