Has anyone else encountered problems after installing fix pack 7? This is on Windows (2008R2 and 2012R2), using 10.5 Express.

I would encourage folks to use caution and test thoroughly before installing this update.

We have encountered 3 different issues on systems that were updated from fp6 to fp7. In all cases, the problems stopped after reverting to fp6. We have open PMR's with IBM for these 3 issues. Unfortunately, the third issue was only encountered at a customer site that has been reverted to fp6 so it will be hard to collection information & pursue.

1) DB2 crashes with a FODC_Trap

2) DB2 continues to run and some databases are still usable, but we are unable to connect to one particular database used by our product, and "DB2 LIST APPLICATION" hangs.
Need to stop DB2 by killing db2sysc with Task Manager.

3) Higher CPU and RAM utilization. At a heavily-loaded customer production site, after installing fixpack 7, our application was never able to catch up on the backlog created during a 2-3 hour maintenance period. Typically, our application can clear such a backlog in about 30 minutes, but after installing fp7, the system ran for about 6 hours, pegged at 100% CPU (with db2sysc and our own Java application using the most CPU), and never caught up. We reverted to fp6 and the backlog cleared in an hour or two.