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    Unanswered: Moving A Local Database To A Remote SQL Server

    I have a local database that I can view through SSMS on my computer, and I have a blank database of the same name hosted on GoDaddy. It is my understanding that I cannot directly restore a SQL Server database backup onto a remote system unless the .bak file is on that same file system.

    Is there any other way that I can restore or move this local database onto my GoDaddy SQL Server?

    Thanks in advance,


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    If it is small, you may be able to use the export data function in SSMS to get data to GoDaddy. You would need to be able to connect to both databases via SSMS, however.

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    Hi hleyes,

    Copy the SQL backup file to local file system and directly restore from the copy.

    To do this task, point out some prerequisites: I am assuming the database name is test so, copy the test.bak to C:\test.bak on the server. The syntax is:

    Restore from remote filesystem

    To restore the database on remote location use this:

    RESTORE DATABASE TESTPROJECT FROM DISK = N'\\remotemachine\c$\test.bak';

    where, remotemachine= remote machine name.

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    Moving A Local Database To A Remote SQL Server


    "This is how I have done this in the past when I developed a database on a local instance and then moved it to a client's server:
    1. Create an instance of SQL server on the remote machine. It helps if it is the same build. (I found that out the hard way!)
    2. Copy the MDF/LDF files from your local instance to the remote instance.
    3. Using the Management Studio on the remote machine, look for the databases in the Object Explorer.
    4. Right click on the folder, choose attach, then Add, select your MDF file, then click OK.
    This should bring up your instance on the remote machine.
    Using the Copy Database Wizard
    Copy or move databases between servers or to upgrade a SQL Server database to a later version. For more information, see ""Use the Copy Database Wizard"" - [where's the link]?
    Restoring a database backup
    To copy an entire database, use the BACKUP and RESTORE Transact-SQL statements. Typically, restoring a full backup of a database is used to copy the database from one computer to another for a variety of reasons. For information on using backup and restore to copy a database, see ""Copy Databases with Backup and Restore"" - [where's the link]?
    Using the Generate Scripts Wizard to publish databases
    Use the Generate Scripts Wizard to transfer a database from a local computer to a Web hosting provider. For more information, see ""Generate and Publish Scripts Wizard"" - [where's the link]?

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    GoDaddy SQL Server currently runs on SQL 2012, so you can use a database backup from SQL 2012 or earlier.

    First you need to FTP your local backup to the _db_backups directory on your GoDaddy account, just like it had come from a different GoDaddy account. Then import the backup file using:

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