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    Unanswered: Generating an alphanumeric sequence

    I need to generate an alphanumeric string sequence using the algorithm:

    Letter - Letter - Number - Number - Letter - Number - Number - Number


    For example, the start of the sequence would be AA00A000. The sequence should increment each column in turn. Once you reach AA00A999, the next item in the sequence should be AA00B000. When you reach AA00Z999, the next item in the sequence should be AA01A000, and so on...

    I have found several methods for generating random strings, but none that generate sequential strings.

    I would prefer to do this purely in MySQL, but if that is not possible I could generate it in PHP.

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    your best bet of doing this in MySQL would be to use a stored procedure, assuming you are using a version of MySQL that supports SP's or stored functions
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