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    Designing advice - Single user to multiple companies

    I'm working on developing a web application, the main purpose for that web application is to allow users to logon, download and respond to daily reports. The database is designed to have each user to be linked to only one company, and now I have been requested to modify it so each user can have access to multiple companies and respond on their behalf.

    For example: User John has access to company A and B. Currently my design only works if he has access to either A or B. Any suggestions how to modify my database to make that change possible ?

    Users Table:
    • UID (PK)
    • UserName
    • CompanyID (FK)
    • FName
    • LName

    Companies Table:
    • CompanyID (PK)
    • Name
    • StartDate

    Am I required to create a cross table?
    For now the only solution in my mind is to have multiple user id's with same UserName and then deal with that issue from the servlet sides, but I don't think this is a good to go with..
    Thank you

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    why just create a CompanyUser Table

    CompanyUserID (PK)
    UID (FK)
    CompanyID (FK)
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Thank you, but I can not see the benefit from having a 3rd table with the ID's and creating a 3rd ID ? Can you please explain a little bit?!

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    How else do you think you can associate one user with more than one company, or one company with more than one user. Its called an intersection table. But i would suggest the PK should be a composite of user and company (those columns are a PK in userscompanies AND a FK to tgeir respective 'parent' tables. But then again id also call tables by plurals
    Eg users, companies abd userscompanies..
    Irrespective of the detail the third table is the only way i can see of modelling this specific requirement, a many to many relationship

    Push company id from users into the intersection table, along with anything else pertinent to that intersection. Ferinstance you could have a valid from / to date. Ie user Wael can see company xyz data from jan 2016 but company abc upto dec 2015.....
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    This is what I had in mind

    Put this together before seeing the prior responses to your question ...
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    For modeling correctly a db (See example on this dbforums post

    1. Build a conceptual data model (CDM). The Logical data model is very simple then to generate. With tools, the LDM is automatically built as well as the SQL script for creating the DB
    2. Use dedicated tools which build CDM not only LDM like :
      1. Power*AMC (excellent but expensive)
      2. JMERISE, excellent freeware here

    And of course apply at least the 3 first Normal forms (NF).

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