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    Unanswered: Union query and multi valued fields

    Please i have two tables with multi valued fields. i want to join the two tables using union query but it wouldn't work because of the multi valued fields. i need a solution please. thanks

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    i need a solution please
    OK my preferred solution..
    don't use multivalued 'fields'

    design the DB properly
    use normalisation
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    The Jaded One expressed my sentiments as well!

    What the Boys of Redmond did, when adding this ill-advised type of Field, was to include a hidden Table that actually holds the data for these multi-valued Fields, in a one-to-many relationship. The solution I've always seen, from developers far more experienced than myself, for your kind of problem, is to dump the MVFs, and add an additional Table, that isn't hidden, to hold the data!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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