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    Unanswered: Append query between Access 2010 application and ASPX.NET Web application (MSSSQL)


    I plan to create some kind of Hybrid application, and I have a plan, but I would like to consult with someone who has more experience than me so I could avoid possible major mistakes.

    I plan to create ASP.NET Web application (MSSSQL) which will end-users use for Ordering products.

    I also have Microsoft Access 2010 Desktop DB which will have Append or Pass-through query which will update data in two tables on my Web application.

    Is it possible to make solution like this, appending data from Access Jet DB to MSSQL? Should I also upggrade my Access 2010 Desktop DB to MSSQL?

    Also, I have one more question. If I would like to do the opposite, and to read data from Web App, in Access 2010 Desktop DB, that would be possible to do I assume by creating linked-table?

    Any help is appreciated and many thanks in advance!


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    Sure, most of my applications use Access as a front end to SQL Server tables. Simplest is if you can link to the SQL Server tables.

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