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    Unanswered: From PB to ACCESS DB

    I have created database on Sybase PowerDesigner and imported it in Access when i check relationships i see that i have duplicate tables for example i have table Team and duplicate is Team1 with the same attributes. How i can fix it?
    I have another problem in relationships on access i see only 1:M but i dont see 1:1 it is not showing up visually only when i click on the relationship it shows as one to one can i get it to show visually?

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    Its quite common for the Access relationships window to show multiple 'copies' of the same db suffixed by a number. it usually happens when you have, say, more than one relationship between table a and table b.

    best thing to do would be to check the ACTUAL list of tables.... check there are no duplicates there. if there are duplicates in the tables objects view then yes there is a problem. if so check the DDL that created these tables

    as a workaround, when visualising relationships in Access what I tend to to is size the various images of the affected table to be the same height and width, then hide the suffixed versions behind the normal table. that way round it looks like the you only have the one table on the relationships view, the lines showing the relationships align to the same columns. I guess when designing the relationship view the designers of Access had to make some compromises somewhere. who knows mebbe in another 10..15 years or so they may revisit that code

    its also one of the reasons I tend not to do that much schema design inside Access as it can be 'embarrassing' to show such confusing images especially if its to people not exposed to the dark arts of Access . for generic schema design I tend to use SQL Architect, in MySQL Workbench..... y'get the picture...
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