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    Unanswered: Need Help transferring an Excel Funtion to Access 2000


    I am converting a tracker that I manage to Access 2000 from Excel. Exhausted from the data entry.

    I have a column in Excel that counts the number of days a work order is in pending completion status. So, in column E, I use this function =NETWORKDAYS(D46,TODAY()) to calculate the number of days from column D (Date Received). It returns a number in column E. This function is working great in Excel.

    Is it possible to use the same function =NETWORKDAYS(D46,TODAY()) in the Expression Builder on a text box in an Access form and have it populate the numeric value in my table? My field name is “Duration”.

    Appreciate all that take the time to respond.

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    Yes, but youd probably do it in a query.
    First step is to identify what your current function does. If needs be transcribe it from Excel VBA to Access VBA. A function to be used in more than one form or report MUST be in a code module. A generic function such as this even if used in one form or report should n my opinion be in a code module, but CAN be in the form or reports code module. If its to be used in a query it MUST be in a code midule
    Decide where you need to call it and supply appropriate parameters.
    Current date in Acces VBA will be returned ftom calling date(), if you want the current date and time its now().
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