Devart upgraded dbForge Tools for MySQL with support for MySQL 5.7.

Devart, a recognized vendor of database management software, has released new versions of dbForge tools for MySQL product line dbForge Studio for MySQL, dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, and dbForge Query Builder for MySQL.

New version of dbForge Studio for MySQL v7.0 includes support for MySQL 5.7 with JSON data type, support for Percona PAM Authentication, support for Amazon Aurora and improved code refactoring.

dbForge Studio for MySQL has the following new features and improvements:
* Support for MySQL 5.7
- Support for PASSWORD EXPIRE in Security Manager
- Support for computed columns
- Support for JSON Data Type
- Support for Spatial Indexes
* Support for Percona PAM authentication
* Support for Amazon Aurora connection
* Improved code refactoring

The upgraded versions of dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL, dbForge Data Compare for MySQL, dbForge Query Builder for MySQL now support MySQL 5.7, and have a redesigned installation wizard and other improvements.

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