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    Does my database model make sense?

    I am currently using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to create a database that I will be using for a project for my ASP class at school. We are to create an application for our midterm project that allows the user to select a semester, then select a year, then a course. After you choose a course, a list of students in that course is displayed along with their grades for that course. I want to make sure my database design is accurate and makes sense. Tables involved are Students, Semesters, Courses, and Grades. Relationships are Enrollment(M:N), Courses Offered(1:M), and Has Grade(1:M). The enrollment relationship is technically a 1:M between courses and a 1:M between students.

    A few of my rules are:
    A student can be enrolled in many courses. courses can have many students.(M:N)
    A course can only be associated with one semester, a semester can have many courses.(1:M)
    A grade can only have one student(actually enrollment in this case), but a student can have many grades for an enrollment(1:M)

    Here is what my model currently looks like:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Do I have the right idea so far? Does this make sense to you guys? Does my model reflect the rules that I want as far as 1:M and M:N relationships are concerned?
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    I think yoiur grades entity has the whiff of "everything chucked in here that i couldn'' find a home for elsewhere"

    tome you are confusing various attributes
    pointspossible is presumably an attribute of the course
    a grade could be modeled as a grades table, that gives a range
    0 unclassified
    1..29 failed
    30-49 E
    90.95 A
    96..100 A*
    and then pull the grade letter into the assignement as derived data
    you probably need an assignemnetn entuty, if say there are multiple assignements that comprise the assessment of a course
    you proabbly need some sort of correction factor to cagter for end of year revfiew when academic satff can adjust grades

    but all in all a good start
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    actually, the rows in the grades table will represent the individual assignments you describe. i guess i should rename the grades table to assignments. And as far as calculating the letter grade for a student is concerned, that will be done in the student list page from one of my asp classes.

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