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    Unanswered: Oracle Data Warehouse (Assignment Help)

    Hi guys,

    sorry to bother you, i got an Assignment what i totaly not understand, ok i Understand Part 1 and 2, but not really what i have to do in the last one with Rolup.
    My tutor doesnt really explain what to do.

    Using the given scenario as a basis, generate the following material. 
    1)	Create one integrated conceptual data model for the Hospital by using Entity Relationship Modelling. Discuss the design issues that have been considered; include your assumptions.
    2)	 Suggest a range of queries suitable for decision making assuming that you are a manager of the Hospital. Create a data warehouse model suitable for the decision making; include all the tables with attributes. Discuss the design issues that have been considered; include your assumptions.
    3)	Write an essay (about 2000 words) to cover the following topics:
    a)	Discuss and critically evaluate a data warehouse design method. The discussion should also include at least two ways of dealing with M:M relationships in a data warehouse model.
    b)	For the queries identified in Deliverable 2, select those that can be created by ROLAP and show these queries in annotated actual code or annotated pseudocode. At least one of the ROLAP queries should demonstrate some research (not just what you learned from the lectures of this module).
    Deliverable 3b should be clearly separated from deliverable 2.

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    Which part of the question don't you understand? All of it? Part of it? (and if just a part of it, which part?)
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