Hi All,

I have just installed a new instance of postgres 9.5 and have an issue with restoring the database, specifically privilges of the login/group roles.

In the past I was working with postgres 8.4 and when I took a backup from the live server to the testing server pg_restore would grant all privilages to login/group roles which existed on the testing server and give an error for those that do not exist.

On the new 9.5 server when I try to restore a database, if one login/group role does not exist pg_restore gives an error about it and then does not grant any rights to all the other login/group roles that do exist.

This behaviour is puzzling. I expected to get errors for users that are not found but why aren't privilges assigned to users that do exist?

I reproduced this behaviour on different installations running version 9.5.1 and 9.3.11.

Alexander Spiteri